Reliability over time
Synree machines are designed and tested to last over time in order to optimize the production processes

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Business Philosophy
Our company has always been to "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" business philosophy

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Our Vision
Our company since its inception, the company by virtue of the industry's superb professional skills, excellent product quality

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Service Sectors
Leather Goods Machinery, Footwear /shoe making Machinery, Other tools and Accessories

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Work Process

Machine customization

Over the years, we have learned that every customer has different production needs, which may depend on the type of product, the reference market and the industry in which it operates.
We always believe that personalization of technology is a major contribution to the success of our customers who face a constantly evolving and extremely competitive market.

Design your solution

Are you thinking of creating a new production plant in the leather industry in Italy or abroad and would you like to receive technical advice from those who have more than 60 years experience in this area? We can support you at all stages of the plant's realization: the choice and layout of the machinery, warehouse placement and handling of materials. Thanks to the experience in the leather industry, we can also give you advice on choosing the best product lines and finishes to be made on leather product.

Range of Synree machinery

Discover the range of Synree machinery for leather footwear production. Synree technology supports the finishing and preparation of sandals’ rim, footwear soles bonding, Velcro cutting for ski boots or safety shoes and many other production processes.

Discover Synree technology

Synree machines can be used to create a variety of leather items and other materials such as packing tapes, desk accessories, photo albums, agendas, and covers for restaurant menus. Discover Synree technology for the leather goods industry.



Our technology meets the needs of the market with proposals that guarantee energy savings and, at the same time, more efficiency and greater production capacity while protecting the environment.